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       Welcome to Best Pawn located in Lehigh Acres, Florida. Exactly what is a pawn shop? A pawn shop is most easily described as being a small lending company that loans money on collateral. Collateral may be a piece of jewelry, antiques, firearms, ATV's, tools, boats, or even a Ferrari sports car. The difference a pawn loan versus a traditional loan is that a pawn shop may not legally require repayment of the loan. If the borrower defaults on the loan after a specified time the collateral becomes the property of the pawn shop. Another difference between a pawn loan versus a traditional loan (such as a car loan) is the collateral must be pledged to and left in the possession of the pawn shop. Under laws of the State of Florida all pawn loans are written for 30 days and there is an additional 30 day grace period. The borrower may pay the interest due during that time and renew the loan. If no payments are made during that time the collateral becomes the property of the pawn shop. Customers may renew the loan as many times as needed. 

     The most unfortunate reputations for pawn shops have been very negatively stereotyped in old TV series like Kojak, Hawaii 50, and other police series. The negative stereotypes have influenced many people never to visit a pawn shop and see what we do! Pawn shops are heavily regulated by state governments. Ownership and even employment in a pawn shop are prohibited by people with various criminal offenses and police records. The rise in popularity of the cable show "Pawn Stars" has been a great public relations boost for the pawn shop industry and has educated people about pawn shops. We want to be your "pawn stars". If you have anything from a broken gold chain, an estate piece of jewelry handed down through your family, a Rolex watch, antiques, artwork, old slot machines, Coca Cola memorabilia, Mickey Mouse memorabilia,  a newer model 52" LCD TV, or even a Porsche sports car and you want to sell it or borrow money on it we are here to help. We carry full insurance on your property while in our possession. Your items are never used, played with, or displayed for sale while the customer has title to the property. While your collateral is in our possession we recognize we have a responsibility to safeguard your property with the utmost care. We never know what someone will bring in for collateral on a loan, and you never know what you will find when browsing a pawn shop. For this reason pawn shops can be an extremely interesting place to shop.

     The pawn shopping experience can be interesting, rewarding, and yield many unusual, rare, and unique items that were pledged as collateral. The TV series "Pawn Stars" is fascinating but in reality many of those items highlighted on their TV show are not typically found in your local pawn shop. What will you find in a typical pawn shop? TV's, stereos, jewelry, estate antique jewelry, musical instruments, sports memorabilia,  tools, artwork, antiques, Rolex and other high end watches, firearms, and many more items. Of course, it is possible that a very lucky shopper may find somethings extremely valuable and rare such as art work by Vincent van Gogh or Pablo Picasso, a sculpture by Augustus Saint_Gaudens, a Patek Phillippe repeater, or even a Ferrari F430 Spider. The possibilities are endless. I have personally seen several very high end sports cars such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis in some very upscale pawnshops. They do exist! In one episode of "Pawn Stars" the shop purchased an original frame for a Shelby sports car. So we ask you: why wait to see what your local pawn shop has in store for you?

     Here is a short list of items we purchase or lend on:
          1. Jewelry (good or broken)
          2. Quality watches
          3. TV's, video games, electronics
          4. Musical instruments
          5. Power tools
          6. Autos
          7. Boats
          8 ATV's
          10. Antiques
          11. Rare coins
          12. Gold and silver bullion
          13. NFA Firearms
          14. Many more items too numerous to list.. Call John at (239) 200-5600 with questions. We are here to help you. 

     We want to be your "pawn stars".